Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller - A Review

baby jogger city tour

Its new and its coming soon!!  The all new baby jogger City Tour Stroller!  

We're really excited about the baby jogger city tour stroller for many reasons but the most exciting feature is the really small fold!! (Yes when we travel with kids our trunks are filled with tons of stuff we dont have room for huge stroller too!!)  Thanks baby jogger for really getting it!   We need a small folding stroller just like the baby jogger city tour!!
The City tour stroller looks like the larger famous city mini stroller with a complete tall seat base and its near flat recline but its one hand, 2 step fold make it really really tiny!   Small enough to fit in the overhead bin of an airplane! 

(Although you godda check with your airline before you fly as some dont allow strollers in the overhead bin no matter how small they are.... :(


The great news about the the Baby Jogger City Tour is the pricee!!  Just $199

The city tour will come in several colors including onyx, (which is black with a silver frame) Garnet, Juniper, Violet and Cobalt.  Awesome lineup of color options!


We're super pumped about it!   So check back here for all the details!  Colors and more!!!  

Got more questions?? Just give us a call!  (732) 905-0400


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