4moms Moxi Stroller - Coming Soon from 4moms

4moms moxi stroller

Theres a new kid on the block!   An awesome new stroller from 4moms!

New moms and dads take lots of pictures. Just check your Facebook or Instagram for anyone you know with a baby if you need proof. With all the snaps of baby and selfies that moms and dads take, it can be hard to keep your phone charged while out for a walk with your little. This is where the 4moms Moxie stroller comes in. It looks like one of those old-fashioned prams, but it has some cool power-generating tech inside.

There are generators built into the rear wheels that make power and send that power to a USB port in the handle that you can plug your device's charge cable into. The generators also create power for headlights and taillights on the stroller. That is great for safety if you are walking at night.

The Moxi can carry kids facing towards or away from the pusher. There is an area for storing keys, phones, wallets, and diaper bags underneath. The handle is height adjustable to work well for moms and dads.

Few things are more irritating than pushing a stroller that is so short you kick the tires each time you take a step. An LCD screen on the handle of the stroller tracks temperature, time, distance traveled, speed, and battery level via a 4moms app. The 4moms Moxi will launch in October.

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