Bob Alterrain & Alterrain Pro Stroller 2019 - COMPARISON & REVEIW

We're super excited to share with you the all new Bob Alterrain Jogging Stroller and Alterrain PRO Jogging stroller.

Heres a sneak peek! 

bob alterrain stroller


Compare the BOB Alterrain and BOB Alterrain PRO strollers:


Whats the same on both models?  The Alterrain and the Alterrain PRO


New Design

New Shock Absorption - Really great shock absorption

New One Foot Brake - super easy and large foot brake.

New Easy Fold - One hand.  Easiest folding bob stroller by far!

Self Standing - once folded the bob alterrain and the alterrain pro will stand alone.

16" inch back wheels - both models.

Locking Front Wheel for running


Works with car seat adapters - to use this stroller with a newborn car seat adapters need to be used on both models.

So whats the difference between the alterrain and the alterrain pro?

Heres were the PRO version has some really cool perks!


In addtion to the amazing easy footbrake the PRO alterrain also featurs a hand Brake.

bob alterrain hand brake

The Hood is FULLY Water Proof on the PRO.  The regular alterrain is just water resistant. But with the PRO you can be in a full blown storm and baby will be fully protected.

waterproof canopy bob alterrain pro  

The Basket on the PRO version is fully enclosed with a zip on cover to keep you stuff super protected and clean.

bob alterrain pro basket



The PRO canopy has open/close venting and peekaboo window with magnetic closure.   

The Pro has reflectors built in to the back 16" wheels. (They both have 16" wheels but the regular alterrain does not have the reflectors built in.)

bob alterrain pro wheels


Bob alterrain and alterrain pro will be availble shortly for pre-order. Check back soon!

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