Bob Rambler Vs. Bob Revolution Flex & Bob Revolution Pro

Want to know more about the Bob Rambler Stroller and how it compares to the Bob Revolution? Heres all the info you need.

In a nutshell the rambler is a stripped down version of the revolution flex. The wheels are 12" (similar to the CE version of the older revolution model) They all have swivel locking front wheels and a 2 step fold. The revolution has a 5 year warranty (The most in the stroller market that I know of!) The Rambler has only a 2 year warranty. They are both travel system ready and an infant car seat can fit right in. All models have a one hand recline option and an extra large UPF 50+ Canopy. Looking for that awesome stroller but dont want to spend that much? The Bob rambler is perfect for you!

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bob rambler

                        Bob Rambler Bob Revolution Flex Revolution Pro

Stroller Weight  25 lbs             28.5 lbs               30.5 lbs

Childs Weight   75 lbs              75 lbs                   75 lbs

Wheel Size       12″                 12" & 16" Rear     12" & 16" rear


Handlebar         No                   Yes                       Yes

Storage Basket Large               X-Large                X-Large

Hand Brake         x                     x                           ✓

Price                    $369.99         $449.99                $499.99

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