Bugaboo Turtle Car Seat - REVIEW + COMPARE VS NUNA PIPA

Bugaboo Turtle Car Seat – An In Depth Review


Bugaboo… the name is synonymous with Luxury strollers now has the most amazing collaboration yet!   The all new bugaboo Turtle infant car seat is making its debut into the baby gear world!

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Bugaboo Turtle


What you need to know about the Bugaboo Turtle Car Seat.


The Turtle is actually manufactured by Nuna long known as the world premium infant car seat makers.  

The great news for Bugaboo Fox moms out there No adapter is needed for the Turtle to connect to the Fox stroller.   (You will need one for the PIPA by Nuna just not for the Turtle!).


When will the Bugaboo Turtle Car Seat be available?


The Bugaboo Turtle is available now for pre-order and will be available to ship June 2019.   So for all moms that were wanting to with a NUNA PIPA to connect to your fox stroller the Turtle is a more seemless option as no adapters are needed!

How does the Bugaboo Turtle Compare to the PIPA by NUNA?


The Bugaboo Turtel is made by NUNA and is similar to the  Nuna Pipa car seat. Some features you’ll find on both car seats are: The Load Leg in the base, extra magnetic “dream drape” extension from the sun canopy and Flame-Retardant free fabrics.

The main difference between the two seats is its compatibility with strollers. The Bugaboo Turtle features integrated adapters that click directly onto the Bugaboo Fox.  This makes it super easy to attach to your stroller.  The Nuna Pipa will require additional adapters to attach to a Bugaboo stroller or any other brand strollers (other than Nuna). This means that the Turtle car seat is only for you IF you plan on purchasing the Bugaboo Fox.

Lets talk canopies :)

The canopy features the signature Bugaboo LOGO and a HUGE   mesh panel to allow for better airflow and breathability.  Nuna’s dream drape is the “Snooze Shade”, which is mostly mesh but not as big as the Bugaboo Turtle. 

The Turtle features a merino wool infant insert, a fabric only found on the Nuna PIPA Lite LX car seat.

Both the Nuna Pipa and Bugaboo Turtle can be installed with the base or without. 



The Bugaboo Turtle is priced at $349, and the standard Nuna Pipa at $299. This may seem like the Pipa is a better price, however you have to consider the additional cost of a car seat adapter (Around $50).


The Bugaboo Turtle weighs in at 8.8 lbs compared to the Nuna Pipa at 7.9 lbs. (keep in mind that all weights do not include the canopy or infant inserts. It’s not a very significant difference. The Nuna Pipa Lite and Lite LX do weigh over 2 lbs less than both.  So if lightweight is super important to you, you'd rather go with the Pipa. 


The Bugaboo Turtle is only available in a sleek all-black fashion. The Nuna Pipa has 4 color options to choose from.  (6 actually if you include the travel system only colors Bleu and Verona :)!)

Click Here for the NUNA PIPA LITE LX Travel system.

So which one is right for you?

This question only pertains to those who are choosing the Bugaboo Fox as their main stroller. If you have (and you are smart for doing so!), then this is what we are thinking.

The Bugaboo Turtle is for you if you don’t want the hassle of car seat adapters and you don’t plan on using your car seat on any other stroller. You also should decide if the small weight difference is okay. If you do decide that you do care about the difference, then we recommend looking at the Pipa Lite or Pipa Lite LX.

The Nuna Pipa is for you if you want to have the option of using your car seat together with other strollers down the line.

Both have a load leg base for the safest infant car seat base available in the US market.   The turtle actually has a HUGE peek a boo canopy which is not common at all in infant car seats. (Even the fox canopy doesn’t have one! So really excited to see one on the Bugaboo Turtle!) .  The Turtle has a MERINO wool infant insert.  Only the PIPA LX model has that.  

Which car seats does the BUGABOO Turtle Fit?

The Bugaboo turtle will only fit the FOX stroller.  It will not fit with the Cameleon, Donkey or Bee strollers by Bugaboo. 

Bugaboo Turtle Features:

  • Integrated adapters pairing seamlessly with your Bugaboo Fox
  • Smoothest ride with no play
  • Comfortable foam memory foam offers ultimate side impact security
  • Merino wool baby insert for optimal climate control, removable & washable
  • “Best" crash protection rating from Consumer Reports*
  • Safe installation with true lock base with steel load leg
  • Snooze shade’ for a quit cocoon and UPF 50+ protection
  • Removable & washable Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics
  • Signature Bugaboo canopy with mesh peek-a-boo
  • Designed to match your Bugaboo stroller

*Based on Nuna-Pipa car seat. 

Bugaboo Turtle Details:

  • The stability leg stabilizes the seat in a crash and minimizes force transferred to baby
  • Colored installation indicators confirm correct connections to the vehicle and car seat to base
  • Bubble level indicators aid in minimizing user error
  • Seat fabric: 97% Polyester +3% Spandex & All fabrics are Oeko-Tex® certified
  • Ergonomic Lightweight carry handle with leather-look handle
  • European belt path for taxis and rides without base
  • Aircraft certified to travel everywhere and beyond
  • Five point harness keeps little ones in place, 3 step adjustment
  • Three-piece removable infant insert. Customize to their individual shape and get a perfect fit right from birth.
  • Ideal for city living and taxis as it can be installed with a vehicle seat belt—no base needed

Bugaboo Turtle Car SeatBugaboo Turtle Car Seat CanopyBugaboo Turtle Air Vent CanopyBugaboo Turtle on FOX no adapter

Bugaboo Turtle Specifications:

  • Recommended Use: 4 to 32 lbs, and up to 32 in.
  • Seat weight: 8.8lbs. (excluding canopy and pads)
  • Dimensions (in): H 22.6 x w 17 x l 26.5 in

Bugaboo Turtle Colors

The Bugaboo Turtle is available in black only.  If you really want a colored car seat your best option would be to go with the Nuna Pipa (and of course you will need adapters for the fox!)

Bugaboo Turtle Infant Insert

The infant insert on the Bugaboo Turtle car seat is MERINO wool.  

Bugaboo Turtle Canopy 

The Bugaboo Turtle Canopy has a Full-width ventilation panel on back of canopy is larger than peek-a-boo window on Nuna PIPA.

Want to know more about the BUGABOO TURTLE? CLICK to see our product page.

Got any questions?  We're here to help!  Give us a call (732)905-0400 or email us hello@piccolinobaby.com




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