Dubatti Strollers - An In Depth Review

We're loving the Dubatti Stroller.  Heres an in depth look at this awesome stroller.

Large tyres

The four large all-terrain tyres and wheels ensure added comfort and make the Dubatti One perfect for use both inside and outside.

Adjustable handlebar

The handlebar height can be adjusted using just one hand, so everyone can drive the Dubatti One in the correct, ergonomic and comfortable position.

Perfect suspension

The suspension ensures optimum comfort and drivability. When sitting or lying down your child is extremely comfortable due to the cushioning effect.

Simple brake

The brake pedal is very easy to operate. You don’t have to use your foot under the brake and the brake is shoe friendly.

Five-point harness

The 5-point harness ensures that your child is safe and secure. It’s easy to adjust, so that the belt always fits snugly. The padded shoulder straps also provide extra comfort.

Lockable front wheels

The swivelling front wheels are designed to make the Dubatti One highly manoeuvrable but you can also lock them in position for driving over rougher terrain.

Handy safety bar

The safety bar on the frame can be opened using one hand so your other hand always remains free to attend to your child.

All adapters

The optional adapters allow you to easily use other brands of infant carriers on the frame.

Ergonomic seat

The ergonomically-shaped seat has four position settings for when your child wants to sit upright, recline or sleep.

Reversible seat

The seat can be easily reversed so your child can either face you or look forward.

Spacious carrycot

The spacious and sturdy carrycot has a special breathable mattress as well as supports on the base to protect it when placed on the ground.

Adjustable height

The carrycot and seat can be secured at two different heights, which is perfect for taller parents and useful if you want to use the stroller at the table.

Compact foldable

The Dubatti One can be easily folded to make it very compact and if necessary you can also remove the wheels.

Easy to fold

The Dubatti One can be folded using just one hand. It’s extremely easy and practical.

Upright storage

The Dubatti One can be folded so you can store it upright, which is very convenient and saves space!

Adjustable hood

The large hood can be adjusted using one hand and fits perfectly in the frame due to its zipper system.

Large shopping basket

The shopping basket provides plenty of storage space under the stroller and has a magnetic closure that’s easy to use.

Matching foot-muff

With a fleece lining, the matching foot-muff keeps you child nice and warm on chilly days. Available in several colours and all upholstery is removable and washable.

Bag hooks

The bag hooks on the handlebar provide maximum convenience. Ideal for baby changing bags or other bags.


As you child grows he/she will be able to rest their feet on the footrest, which is lined with a special fabric for extra protection.



dubatti strollerdubatti stroller

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