Nuna Cudl Baby Carrier - All New an In Depth Review! {Updated!}

Nuna Cudl Infant Carrier 2019

nuna cudl baby carrier

A new infant carrier from NUNA??  Yes!!!   We're excited to share with you the all new Nuna Cudl Infant Carrier.

The Nuna Cudl spent three years in product development and the results are amazing!   The Cudl is a three-position ergonomic carrier (front facing in, front facing out, back) that sports an integrated infant booster and built-in hood for keeping out the paparazzi ;)

Nuna's first and only baby carrier, CUDL™, makes it easy to keep baby close and secure, all while keeping your hands free. It's comfortable and customizable with breathable mesh fabric and padded shoulder and waist straps. Keep baby facing in and snuggled up starting with an integrated infant booster for newborns, which then easily unzips as your child grows. As baby wants to explore the world, have them face out or switch to backpack mode for growing toddlers..

Nuna understands what new parents go through. It's all about the right balance between being smart and helpful. Nuna's new line thoughtfully supports parents to be confident and enjoy each snuggle, snooze, and ride, with every little detail that fits their needs.

Includes 2 infant bibs to protect the carrier which are easily removeable for washing. 

Click Here to Pre-Order the Nuna Cudl Carrier when available!

Nuna Cudl Carrier

Nuna Cudl features

  • No additional accessories are required to carry newborns, so the Cudl is ready to wear right out of the box.
  • Perfect fit adjusters on the front of the shoulder straps make repositioning for breastfeeding super easy.
  • A  zippered pocket on the waistband stores keys, phones, pacifiers ect... 
  • Both the waistband AND shoulder straps are secured before positioning baby, so it’s a great first carrier for babywearing newbies who are learning the ropes and building their confidence.
The Nuna Cudl has a tentative launch date of early 2019. 

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