Nuna Pipa Vs Nuna Pipa Lite

Nuna has introduced a revolutionary new car seat!  The Nuna Pipa Lite.  How does it compare to the awesome Original nuna Pipa?

There are so many differences.   The nuna pipa lite is significantly lighter than the pipa.   The Pipa can be used with and without a base and the pipa lite can only be used with a base.  (So if you have 2 cars you may want to purchase an extra base!) .    The head rest in the pipa lite is a 2 piece insert which is great as baby grows.  The fabrics on the nuna pipa lite are all fire retardant. The original pipa its just the ones that touch the baby that are fire retardant.    

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Whats the same between the nuna pipa and the nuna pipa lite?

Both car seats have a 7 year expiration (which is awesome as many have only a 5 year!) . Both work with all nuna strollers to make a really attractive travel system.  You really cant go wrong with either seat but just for the weight alone I'd recommend the Nuna Pipa Lite over the original Nuna Pipa.  

Heres a chart to give you more clarity on the Nuna Pipa Vs Pipa Lite.     


 nuna pipa nuna pipa lite



Nuna Pipa

Nuna Pipa Lite

weight without canopy and insert

7.9 lbs

5.3 lbs

weight with canopy and insert

9.4 lbs

6.7 lbs

fire retardant

no fire retardants added to any material that touches baby

no fire retardants added

seat fabric

polyester knit

upgraded knit fabrics


fully body insert

head insert + body insert

included extras


additional GOTS certified organic cotton fabric inserts & harness covers included




handle positions



crotch belt positions




7 years

7 years


carrier only or base install

with base only







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