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Product Comparison + New Baby Gear Alerts — uppababy vista 2020 v2

Uppababy Vista 2020 V2 - All New + In Depth Review & VIDEO

Posted by Dan Gold on

What is new for Uppababy Vista 2020?   An all new V2 Uppababy Vista 2020 will be hitting the market around Feb 2020. When Will Pre-Orders Start for the Uppababy Vista 2020 V2? We dont have an exact date yet but will keep you posted!   The UPPABABY VISTA V2 2020 is fully improved with performance upgrades and functions that add conveniences for families, including;     Improved all-wheel suspension – Enjoy a smoother ride pushing one child (or three!) over any ground surface due to new, softer, spring-action tires and all-wheel suspension.  More sun protection – No more extendable canopy, now a full  zip...

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