Uppababy ALTA Booster Car Seat - All New! In Depth Review + Ratings

We're super excited to see the all new Uppababy ALTA Booster car seat.   Our #1 selling infant car seat has long been the Uppababy Mesa and once babys grow out of it they were forced to get another brand car seat.     Not any more!  Woohoo!   The all new Uppababy Alta Booster cart seat is coming soon!

Uppababy Alta Booster More Info Click Here!

First things we noticed with the Alta booster is the GORGEOUS fashions!   This is probably the most beautfitul booster car seat out there!

Knowing Uppababy Safety is really their #1 priority (not fashion although that rocks too!) and the Uppababy Alta is Super safe with side impact protection (which acts as a great pillow to hold up babys head when baby falls alseep in the car!).

The booster uses LATCH for the safest connection to car and has an adjustable headrest as baby grows.

Uppababy Alta Booster Car Seat 

The ALTA high-back belt positioning booster (available Summer 2019) provides the next step car seat solution. Kids will happily buckle themselves into this comfortable seat, and parents will appreciate key features, including:

  • SECUREfit belt routing system ensures proper fit both lap and shoulder belt
  • Unique Lap Belt Positioner prevents belt slippage and misplacement
  • Rigid LATCH connectors secure the booster and ensure proper alignment to the vehicle
  • Seven position adjustable headrest and spacious design accommodate growing children
  • Energy Response Headrest utilizes absorption and recovery properties of memory and EPP foam to provide advanced Side Impact Protection
  • SMART SIP Absorbing Pods on side of shell disperse forces in the event of a side impact crash
  • Fashions include: Jake (black mélange), Morgan (charcoal mélange), Sasha (grey mélange with pink accent) and Lucca (teal mélange)

uppababy alta booster car seat


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