Aristot Cradle Bassinet


      Dockatot is ready to introduce a sleeper hit.   The new Aristot cradle is GORGEOUS!!  and were super excited for it to come out!!!

      Known for its highly popular baby loungers the Scandinavian company announced Wednesday that they will be releasing a brand-new collection of bassinets titled Aristot.

      We're loving these drool worthy, instagram ready bassinets.  Though this high quality luxury bassinet comes with a pretty price tag.  The ARISTOT will retail at approx $1500 in stores and online.

      The Aristot is designed to work perfectly with your dockatot.  You will be able to place your dockatot directly in the Airstot for that perfect peaceful sleep!

      Aristot is fully HANDMADE are expertly crafted by European Aritsans.   The Tufted marble look is made exquisitly using only the finest materials.


      The new bassinets boast long-term durability with various finishes, steel-bar interchangeable bases, a foundation design that grows with the child, and more.



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