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Uppababy G Luxe 2018

We're really excited to share with you the updated cool look for the 2018 uppababy g luxe! Heres whats new!  New frame with a really nice streamlined design.  New Wheels (single in the front double in the back)

Weight is the same as the older model.  Theres also a really nice new canopy with a strech fabric.  Nice soft seat pad for a more comforable ride for baby .  The stroller Fold is the same as the older model.  Once folded they've relocated the carry strap to the side for a more comfortable carry.   

New basket with easy access.  Basket includes a mesh pocket for wallet, phone ect.

The canopy also has a new back storage pocket with a flap closure.  (Best feature ever!!)


Colors available are Jake, Jordan (Charcoal), and Aidan (Denim)

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