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baby jogger city select lux indigo

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX Indigo
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We're super excited about the all new exclusive color baby jogger city select stroller. The Indigo color stroller will only be available at specialty stores and is absolutely gorgeous!!!



The new jump seat is a  plastic seat –that fits rear facing into the basket area of the City Select Lux. The front seat can then either forward or parent face whilst the child on the jump seat parent faces. A footboard comes down between the rear wheels. The child is meant to sit on the jump seat and rest their feet on the board. It is not designed to be a replacement for a Glider board. There is a 3 point harness attached to the seat.  Keep in mind if you are using the jump seat you will not be able to attache the glider board as you can see from this picture it kinda gets in the way..


city select lux jump seat


Heres a closer up shot of the baby jogger city select lux folded.  It does have a 30% smaller fold than the original city select and can clearly see the decelerating parking brake in this picture.


baby jogger city select lux folded




We're super excited about the all new baby jogger city select LUX stroller.    The city select LUX stroller is everything you love about the city select stroller and so much more!   The city select LUX has 20 configurations for more versatility as a single, double or a triple stroller.   New accessories for the city select LUX is a Jump Seat and a shopping tote.

The City Select Lux stroller will also have all wheel suspension for an even smoother push & ride.  (The current City select has an amazing push now so I can only imagine what a breeze pushing this stroller will be!)

Another great feature of the baby jogger city select lux is the fold.   Its 30% smaller than the current city select stroller.   Wow!  Thats really huge welcome!  As we do need our trunks for other things too not just to be completely filled up our stroller!  

As soon as we get any more information on the new city select lux we will update you here!   We'll keep you posted!


Any questions you may have feel free to email  us at


city select lux stroller

The New control declerating parking brake together with a standard parking brake give you full control of the city select lux stroller.

Available in four great color options.   The City Select Lux is available in Slate, Port, Taupe and Graphite.



baby jogger city select lux


Looking for a city select stroller but need it Now?  The city select LUX line is not out yet so you cant go wrong with out currrent lineup of the city select strollers.  


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