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Bugaboo Bee 5 Complete Stroller Blue Melange
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Extra-light, compact and easy to maneuver, the Bugaboo Bee5 Stroller is perfect for a busy family on-the-go. Featuring a reclining seat with extendable leg support, 1-piece fold, and independent 4-wheel suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride.

*The Bugaboo Bee5 has improved in performance and style and features over 100 new parts!
*Improved performance - Pushes better than ever!
*The Bugaboo Bee5 has improved on performance by continuous product improvements. The main improvements are an improved driving experience (improved maneuverability & suspension), improved seat design & comfort level, and the new integrated attachment points for accessories, including the parasol, cup
holder and comfort wheeled board.
*Improved style
The Bugaboo Bee5 has improved on style by the new, enriched offerings in three new collections. Core, Premium and Signature.
You can personalize their Bugaboo Bee5 more than ever before, as you now also have the option to choose the color of their handlebar grips and wheel caps.