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Donkey Breezy Sun Canopy

Bugaboo Niark1 Breezy Donkey Sun Canopy
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Want the most eye catching stroller you can get??  Check out the latest limited-edition collection – The Bugaboo Niark1 . Bugaboo teamed up with French artist and illustrator Niark1 to bring a touch of street art to your Bugaboo Stroller. Expect the unexpected with the outspoken designs, guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.
Designed by Bugaboo and Niark1, the collection’s colorful prints are a playful take on the artist’s signature monsters. Bugaboo is all about life on the move and these guys are no exception: be it on rollerblades or a skateboard, they’re ready to join your adventure. And don’t worry, these monsters are the friendly kind!
Available for the Bugaboo Cameleon³, Bugaboo Bee5, Bugaboo Donkey and Bugaboo Buffalo, our Tailored Fabric Set and Breezy Sun Canopy provide the canvas for Niark1’s alternative masterpieces.
Go bold with the Tailored Fabric Set, where the colorful friends come to life on a contrasting black fabric. Peer inside and you’ll discover a matching print, sure to keep your little one fascinated by the exciting colors and shapes. When the sun shines, you can keep your child cool with the petrol blue Breezy Sun Canopy, featuring a gang of summer-ready monsters.

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