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Melo Revel Highchair Black With Brushed Brass Base

Melo Revel Highchair Black With Brushed Brass Base
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Indulge in the delicious pleasure of feeding your baby in a high chair as chic and classy as it is

comfortable. From the sleek shape, to the soft, supportive seat, to the easy wipe-down surfaces

- this chair will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen and your mealtimes.


A Thing of Beauty - the sleek shape takes up very little space (just 19” x 19”!), with a

modern silhouette and chic colors that will brighten your kitchen every day.


Gently Supportive- the seat comes with two foam cushions. The full cushion covers the

bottom, back and sides to provide full support to younger babies. As your child grows, you can

remove the full cushion and replace it with a seat cushion to provide more space. Both cushions

are made of premium materials that your baby will love to sit on.


Exceptionally Safe - an easy-to-open five-point harness keeps your baby safe and

secure at all times. The straight-backed seat is ideal for safe eating and proper posture



Easy to Use & Easy to Move - the tray can be opened and closed with one hand. The

extra-smooth surface of the entire chair leaves no place for dirt to hide. Four rubber coated

wheels make for easy movement, with a tight locking mechanism that keeps the chair

firmly in place.


Designed with Care. Made to Last. - a rust resistant, stainless steel frame means this

piece will last for years - and stay beautiful. Every feature of the high chair was designed to

make meal time with babies simple, pleasant and safe.


  • Suitable for children 6 months to 3 years
  • Extra tray cover provided
  • Complies with ASTM F404