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Milk Street True Convertible Crib

Milk Street True Convertible Crib
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Textured wood provides a stark contrast against a clean, white mattress. This Milk Street crib is as modern as it gets, blending the simple and complex to give a feeling of nature inside your nursery. The unique size and scale of this crib give thoughtfulness to your infant and the quietness of an uncluttered place to start pondering their world.

All of our 4-in-1 cribs are convertible and built from strong, top of the line grade-A hardwood. With stationary sides and no moving parts, your baby will be kept safe all night long. The Milk Street Baby True Convertible Baby Bed fits any standard size crib mattress. After your infant needs have been satisfied, you can transition into a toddler bed, daybed and full-sized adult bed so you never have to worry about buying another bed again. All of our high back convertible cribs (4-in-1) offer a 3 position, metal mattress support system. With a newborn, you will want to keep it at either the highest or a fairly high setting. As your child grows and begins to stand, you can easily adjust it to a lower setting which should be at it's lowest by the time your child can pull themselves up. The mattress height should be kept at it's lowest setting when using your crib as a toddler bed. This type of 4-in-1 crib is also known as a "high back" crib which means it has a back that is higher than the other three sides. The high back will eventually end up as a headboard when attached to a traditional metal bed frame enabling you to get multiple years of use out of this one product.