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Romina Nero
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Water-based paint 100% non-toxic, 100% safe for your baby. Available only on Uptown collection!

Availability: 5-7 business days For Wood Samples only.

Nero – Water-based paint finish 100% non-toxic, 100% safe for your baby. Always in style, always classic, gender neutral and ageless, black paint adds sophistication to any nursery theme and it can serve as canvas for light colors. Simplicity met versatility and they lived happily ever after. Black paint is always a great two-tone option for modern sets.

Available on Uptown collection only, this classic finish is complemented by both the gold and the black handles offered in this collection.

Beech is a high-density straight wood which may vary in color from light blonde to orange or soft red. The grain pattern presents unique features like “bird eye”, “fiddle back” curly lines or light speckles. It is the nature and beauty of solid wood to vary in appearance and characteristics for no two trees are alike. Wood swatches, color samples, pictures or other marketing materials are an accurate, reasonable but not exact representation of the actual furniture and finish you will receive.