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Nuna SENA Aire 2021
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The Nuna Sena Aire travel crib offers advanced air design that delivers maximum airflow for relaxation. It offers two mattress levels and it’s machine washable! How's that for fresh thinking?

The Nuna Sena Aire opens in seconds (and folds easily) to give your baby a super-fresh deep sleep anywhere. It’s made almost entirely from mesh to provide the best circulation from every angle. Any room can become baby’s room with the Aire at your side, and any getaway can become baby friendly with it in tow. This chic look won’t cramp your style (or your space), and it features skid-proof feet that keep quiet and still.

Pop the travel crib open on all your adventures, and fold it back up when it’s time to move on. This chic cot is perfect for travel and keeps baby comfortable home and away. Check out the rest of our Travel Gear for parenting on the go!


        • Nuna Sena Aire
        • Nuna Sena Aire Organic Cotton Sheet
        • Nuna Sena Aire Travel Bag


        • Mattress zips off and is machine-washable and dryer safe
        • Folds easily with one hand
        • Triple-layered mesh mattress
        • Sturdy, aluminum zigzag frame
        • Bassinet folds with the frame
        • Padded edges prevent finger pinches
        • Dimensions: 30.7'' H x 29.5'' L x 41.3'' W