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Romina Oil Grey
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OIL GREY – 5″ x 5″ WOOD SWATCH (Oil Based / No Coating)

Organic Oil finish for a rustic feel and look. Subtle Grey and anthracite hue with a moderate degree of variation.

Availability: 5-7 business days For Wood Samples only

Oil Grey – This is a modern oil-based finish made with rich organic vegetable oils. The color is a stain wash with grey, blue, anthracite  and even purple hues to it. Oil Grey furniture gores through our standard 10 step finishing process where the wood is saturated with stain, allowed to naturally dry and then it is sanded down and restrained several times until optimal consistency and wood penetration is obtained. Because this is an oil-based finish, Oil Grey has natural water-proof properties and it does not get a final lacquer application. The wood surface is porous making for a natural feel and look and while it may get wet when liquids and other substances are spilled onto the surface, it dries out quickly and it is very resistant to staining, fading and natural oxidation from environmental conditions and sun exposure. Regular care and maintenance should be exercised.

Pewter and Bronze accessories complement and highlight the finish composition the best but with the complex color spectrum the finish is versatile and can be included is a variety of color themes.

Wood is a natural material prone to variations and imperfections which cannot be foreseen or prevented. Beech is a high-density straight wood which may vary in color from light blonde to orange or soft red. The grain pattern presents unique features like “bird eye”, “fiddle back” curly lines or light speckles. It is the nature and beauty of solid wood to vary in appearance and characteristics for no two trees are alike. Wood swatches, color samples, pictures or other marketing materials are an accurate, reasonable but not exact representation of the actual furniture and finish you will receive.