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oxo tot sky stroller

OXO Tot Sky Lightweight Stroller
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Love this!~.  The Oxo Tot Sky Stroller is so easy to use!    The fold is super small and with the carry strap its super easy to carry your stroller.   No hands needed!  

This product will be out Fall 2017!

A bit about  Oxo Tot:

Throughout our history, the idea of designing baby and toddler products was brought up time and again. And time and again we focused on solving pet peeves for the place we knew best: the kitchen. But when 25 babies were born to our then-50 employees over the course of five years, we discovered firsthand the challenges and pet peeves parents face – and knew we could help solve them.

Our mission is to make every day with your tot a little easier, in every room of the house (and beyond!), so you can focus on the fun side of being a parent.

They've sure lived up to their mission with the Oxo Tot Sky Stroller!