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Tiny Love Natures Way Bounce and Sway

Tiny Love Natures Way Bounce and Sway
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The Nature’s Way Bounce and Sway, the first bouncer that offers the combination of 2 unique motions, soothing sways and perfect bounces, providing an ideal environment to calm and entertain baby. It only takes a gentle touch to create the natural swaying motions, and as baby moves and plays she generates perfect soft bounces.

The innovative springy structure enable two movements without the need of electricity The frame of the bouncer is made from springy steel which enables the sway movement that lasts more than 30 seconds. The springy seat frame of the bouncer is connected to the base from the upper part to create the ultimate bouncing movement. The unique bouncer shines with its stylish look, cozy seat and premium fabrics that pamper baby and give the utmost comfort & delight. This bouncer was based on Tiny Love’s 7 Elements® system to support multiple aspects of baby’s physical and cognitive development.