City Select Lux Stroller by Baby Jogger - First Looks

The Baby Jogger City Select Lux 2017 available for Pre Order on April 1st 2017.


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It is an updated version of the original city select stroller. The City Select has been one of the best selling strollers since it was introduced in 2009.  Moms love it’s ability to grow with the family converting from a single into a double inline mode or even a triple mode with an addition of a stroller board.  (no more needing a new stroller when baby #2 comes around).

city select lux stroller

We were quite shocked to see the city select Lux model.  We thought the city select was as good as it can get!  But boy were we wrong!   It’s amazing! For 2017 City Select got a complete face lift and upgraded features.

The City Select Lux is a reversible seat stroller with 20 seat combinations (instead of 16) and an ability to take two infant car seats, two fulls size seats, or two bassinets. You can even transport three kids by adding a stroller board. There is also a new bench seat that you can use instead of the main seat for your older child. It turns Lux into a sit-n-stand type of stroller adding 4 more seating arrangements.

city select lux double

The fold is easier and more compact comparing to the orignal selectYou can fold the stroller with both seat attached. And, they’ve added an automatic lock.


The canopy of the city select adds a new peekaboo window option.

city select lux slate peek a boo


The added all-wheel suspension provides a smooth ride. The handle bar extends about 1″ higher giving tall parents ample leg room. The rear wheels are slightly larger and have a new design. The new fabric feels much softer and are more on trend with their colors.

Just like the old model Lux features: large canopy, mesh peekaboo window with magnetic closure, adjustable handle bar, large basket, large all-terrain wheels, and a hand brake. Keep in mind, this is NOT a jogging stroller eventhough it has the new jogging decelaration brake.



City Select Lux Features

-Large canopy. It features large three-panel UV 50+ canopy that goes down to the bumper bar providing a great sun protection. The bumper bar can be purchased separately. The large peekaboo window is made out of dark mesh which improves air circulation while still offering sun protection. The magnetic closure on the peekaboo window (instead of a noisy Velcro) will stay open thanks to the additional magnet at the end of the canopy.

-Adjustable handle bar.  It has an adjustable telescoping handle bar, meaning you can pull it up. It goes from 38.5″ up to 42.5″ from the ground offering plenty of leg room for taller parents. This is 1″ more than a previous model. The shape of the handle bar is a little bit more squire now, but it’s still covered with rubber. While rubber cover might not be as nice to the touch as foam, it is more durable and easier to clean.

-Roomy seat. The seat stayed the same size. It is 12″ wide with 18″ seat back and a 21″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. Also, you can adjust the canopy at the top to get 3 MORE inches  up to 24″.

-Fabric. The fabric has been updated and is much more softer and lush than on an old City Select.

-5 point harness. Like all modern strollers, it has an adjustable 5-point padded harness with a center release buckle.

-Storage pocket. There is a medium size pocket located on the back of the seat. You can use for small items like phone, keys and wallet. It comes very useful since there is NO parent console nor a cup holder included.

-Second seat. The main reason why this stroller became so popular is its ability to convert from a single into a double mode. Having a second child? No problem. Just add a second seat (sold separately). You can also use it with a car seat or a pram for a newborn. For 2017 there are 20 different seat combinations (instead of 16) to fit your child’s needs. It can be used with two main seats, two bassinets, two infant car seats or with a new jump seat. The kids can be facing each other when they are in the good mood, or look opposite ways when they are cranky.

-Adapters update. Not a big change, but the adapters for the second seat got a little upgrade. Before, you had two wholes in the frame which you had to cover when not used. Now, the covers are built into the frame which gives it a much sleeker look and it’s much easier to get the adapters in and out.

-Foot rest. The adjustable foot rest is 9.25″ and has four different positions. It’s great when you can lift up the foot rest and providing your little baby with more room to stretch their little legs.

-Huge basket. I absolutely love this basket. It is HUGE and easily accessible from every angle. It has two zippers in the back that you can unzip to make it even larger. Fitting two large diaper bags will not be a problem

-Wheels. The wheels are only slightly larger in the back. I don’t have exact dimensions right now, but they looked a little larger in comparison to the old model. So, they are 8″ in the front and around 12″ in the back (maybe 12.3″). The forever-air tires will never go flat, because they are filled with lightweight foam instead of air. The front wheels are swivel, but can be locked straight for tougher terrain.

-Hand brake. The hand brake has been updated and now is located directly on the handle bar instead of being on the side of the frame. The cool thing about this hand brake is that you can use it to reduce the speed of your stroller when you are going down the hill by slightly squeezing the lever.

-Easy fold. The fold is easy, but you will need both hands. It’s now 30% more compact than the older model. Both seats can be folded in half now where before the seat was one molded piece that stayed opened. Much easier to keep the seat fabric clean and damage free. We all know strollers get thrown around a lot. LOL. To make it more compact, you can take the seat and the rear wheels off the stroller. It is worth mentioning that you CAN fold the stroller with both seats attached. With one seat the folded dimensions are around 30″L x 26″W x 12.5″H.

-Stability. Even in double mode, this stroller has great stability and even with one of the seats empty, it will not flip over.  If you add a second child, it is best to put the heavier child closer to you.


-No accessories included. While I am happy there are bunch of accessories available for purchase, I am a little disappointed none of them are included. I would like to see a bumper bar and a cup holder included.

Updates for 2017

-New material. The material used to be a little rough and scratchy, but now it’s soft and plush. I am very happy about this.

-New wheels design. The wheels have been redesigned and now have new rims, but are still foam-filled. The rear wheels did look a little larger, but I don’t have exact dimensions.

-Handle bar. The cover of the handle bar is still rubber, but the shape and the height has been updated. Not it adjusts from 38.5″ to 42.5″. So about 1″ higher than before. The shape is a little more squire.

-Hand brake. It still has a hand brake instead of a foot brake, but it’s now located right on the handle bar instead of the frame. You can also use it to decelerate when going down the hill.

-All-wheel suspension. Before there used to be only front wheels suspension.

-Automatic lock. Much better than the manual lock on the old version.

-20 seat combinations. There used to be 16 seating combinations, but with the addition of the jump-seat there are 4 more.

-New jump-seat. The new jump seat (sold separately) goes instead of the main seat turning the stroller into sit-n-stand type of a stroller. It also comes with a foot rest.

-New shopping bag. If a large basket is not enough for you, you can purchase a huge shopping bag that goes in the front of the stroller instead of the second seat. This shopping bag reminds me of a bag we see on Bugaboo Donkey.

-New adapters. So the adapters for the second seat has been updated. There used to be two wholes for the adapters in the frame that were covered with caps when not used and you had to push two buttons on the side of the frame to remove the adapters. Now, they have these elegant openings in the frame that close as soon as you remove the frame. No covers!

-30% more compact fold. The fold has been reduced by 30%. Now the seat can be folded in half making the stroller much more compact than before. It also protects the fabric of the seat from damage and dirt.


Stroller weight: 28 lbs (single), 34 lbs (double)
Weight limit: 45 lbs per each seat
Seat width: 12″
Seat to canopy height: 24″
Handle height: 38.5″ – 42.5″
Rear wheels: 12″
Front wheels: 8″
Overall length: 43.5″ (single), 53″ (double)
Overall width: 25.75″
Folded dimensions: 30″L x 26″W x 12.5″H (with seat)

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