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Lascal BuggyBoard Mini Ride-On Stroller Board
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Thanks to the BuggyBoard Mini by Lascal, busy streets, crowded malls or museums, amusement parks and other high-traffic areas are a breeze for families with small children. Turn your single stroller into a double in a matter of minutes by attaching our ride-on stroller board to your stroller’s frame, no tools required. The Mini’s slim profile is the perfect fit for most lightweight folding or “umbrella” strollers on the market. Our connectors will fit the tubing on your smaller stroller’s frame whether it is square, rectangular, round or oval. Purchase additional sets of Universal Connectors, and your BuggyBoard Mini can be used with multiple strollers, a major convenience for families who use or own more than one stroller. Suitable for children ages 2-5 yrs (up to 66 lbs), the older sibling rides along by standing on the platform with both hands on the stroller’s frame while you push your younger child or newborn in the stroller. The anti-slip platform and side bumpers keep little feet securely positioned while on board, and the comfort suspension system absorbs bumps and shocks as you stroll down the sidewalk. Simply push the stroller as you normally would, no need to shorten or adjust your stride. Large wheels provide sufficient clearance, so you’re unlikely to hit the board with your feet as you walk. Remove the board from the stroller by pushing the release buttons on the connectors; disconnect the board, and you are ready to fold the stroller and put it away. Once installed, the connectors stay with the stroller. When you’re ready to use your board again, simply click your BuggyBoard into the connectors attached to the stroller and go. Visit to see how you can fit your BuggyBoard Mini to your stroller. (Interested in adding a seat to your BuggyBoard? Check out the BuggyBoard Saddle, which is compatible with our BuggyBoard Maxi.)